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Hello all!  On Sept. 12th and 13th, NC Legislature chose to use its time and our tax money to propose an amendment that, if passed in May by a simple majority of voters, will fundamentally change our state’s constitution to include discrimination and enshrine second class citizenship.  And I am mad as hell about it!  I have decided to say “ENOUGH.” I hope you will join me in taking a stand.

This page will evolve over time, I admit I have never started a page like this – and I will be learning as I go. But I have to do something; I WILL NOT sit idly by while my representatives attempt to sanction their hate, ignorance and bigotry through fear mongering.  Alas, I am but a regular David searching for a stone for my Goliath.

What I hope to do with this page, among other things, is to give a reason every day between now and the vote as to why this proposed amendment should be soundly rejected by North Carolinians. If I have figured correctly, there are 237 days between now (September 14, 2011) and Primary Day (May 8, 2012) – so I will attempt to post 237 reasons why this amendment is a bad idea.  It is a small step but it is something I can do to fight back.

I have been saying “I” a lot in this welcome, but this is really about WE.  I am fighting for more than just myself and we must come together if we are going to fight against the millions of dollars that will undoubtedly be spent to subjugate LGBTQ North Carolinians.  It is our state – so fight for it!


Follow One NC on Facebook (One NC) & Twitter (#warenc).  Yes, there’s probably ways to post links, but I’m not tech savvy enough.

Feel free to repost – the absolute most important thing fair minded NCers can do is to speak our truth!

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