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The You in We

What You Can Do:

Activate your courage.  They may take your rights, but they can never take your courage unless you surrender it to them.

Be yourself.  You have a right to be who you were made to be.

Convert your anger into action.  Don’t sit and mope – fight, dammit!

Demand to be treated as a human being as we are all create equal.

Educate those around you.  Bigotry relies on ignorance and fear.  Combat it by speaking your truth!

Follow your heart.  It contains a capacity for wisdom and courage that may surprise you.

Give your time, talent and voice.  One person can make a difference, but only if you sacrifice.

Hope.  Things can and will get better, but only if we keep fighting towards that goal.

Invent your own way to peacefully but unambiguously protest this injustice.

Justice.  Remember that this is about justice – even if you are not personally affected by this amendment.  Freedom is only strengthened when it is expanded and weakened when it is withdrawn.

Know the consequences, both to yourself and to others, if you do not act.

Laugh – yes, that’s what I said.  Laugh.  This is a dark time, and will likely get darker, but never let them take joy away from your life.

Motivate any and all allies of justice to the polls in May.  Though it is wrong for it to be so, our fate is now in the hands of a simple majority.

Never give up.  You may think it is no use, but if you give up you can know it is over. 

Own your rights, liberty and history.

Prove them wrong by being a specific example that counteracts their generalized arguments.

Queer your space (I borrow this from Jenn Jones with ENC).  It makes it so much harder for the fear mongers to dehumanize you if you give those around you a human example of who will be hurt by this.

Renounce violence, in any way it may be related to this amendment – particularly any violence against our young people.

Show how deeply you love.  It is only through love that we will conquer hate.

Talk in moral terms.  You know this amendment is immoral, so say so.  Expose the hypocrisy of the opposition.

Unite.  You do not ever have to feel you are fighting alone, because you are not.  Gain support and strength from those who fight injustice with you.

Vocalize your feelings and reasoning.  Put on a bumper sticker, wear pins, write letters to editors of newspapers, phone bank, have conversations.  Silence is the greatest assurance of failure.

Work for equality.  Although freedom is supposed to be guaranteed to all Americans, the majority of Americans through its history have had to fight for inclusion.  I know we are all busy living our lives but anything worth having is worth fighting for – it is going to take effort.

X the box.  Or throw the lever.  Or push the button.  How ever your precinct allows you to cast a ballot.  DO IT.  No excuses.  Our legislators have tried to sneak this in on the Primary ballot rather than at the general election.  If you have never voted in a primary in your life, this is the time to start.  If you have never voted in your life, register to vote and go vote!  You can bet the opponents of justice will.

You matter.  Regardless of sexual orientation, race, gender, creed, religion… whatever.  If we are going to be equal, it is time to start treating everyone equally.  And as one North Carolina, you are an integral part – remember that.

Zero tolerance.  That should be the policy that you have individually and that we have as communities and as a state toward disrespect, divisiveness, slander, fear mongering, hate speech and zealotry.

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